Woodlea Primary School

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is additional government funding, which is provided to support the education of those children registered for free school meals (FSM), those children whose parents are in the armed services (CIS) and children who are in care (LAC). 

The money the school receives for children who are, or have been in the last 6 years, eligible for additional funding is used to ensure that every child has the very best opportunity to leave school with all of the skills, knowledge and emotional confidence to ensure that are ready for the next stage of their educational journey.


Following the outcome of the Ofsted Inspection 2022, the school has focussed its work and continuous professional development on improving the quality of teaching and learning ensuring impact for all groups of pupils, including those experiencing disadvantage and/or registered for Pupil Premium. The school believes that best value for money and the greatest impact on our pupil premium children is identifying and then developing what is excellent practice for all children.  This includes the purchasing of quality resources to support the teaching and learning within the classroom.


At Woodlea Primary we believe the money should:

  • be used in a targeted way based on an annual identification of need
  • enable pupils to overcome any barrier to learning
  • support the whole family with a ‘wrap around’ package
  • provide the very best quality of teaching and learning
  • allow the school to engage with specialist services where identified to enhance the provision we have in school


As a school we believe

  • every child can and will succeed
  • in raising the aspirations for all our children and families
  • in acting early as soon as a need is identified
  • that every child in our school is, or will be supported to become a self-motivated and effective learner
  • that every child will be respectful and learn the skills of working as part of a team

that we want every member of our school community to be happy at school


2023/2024 Pupil Premium Report