Woodlea Primary School


At Woodlea, the Governors, Headteacher and Staff work to constantly improve the quality of the education we provide to our children.

Our Governors are fundamental to the success of our school and work at a strategic level with the Headteacher and staff in managing budgets and resources, considering and applying Government legislation, hiring staff and reviewing curriculum and teaching. Governors are supported by Hampshire County Council with extensive training and advice services.

There are great benefits to Woodlea Primary School in having a diverse and broadly based Governing Body, but we also hope that Governors enjoy their role at the school and relish the chance to make a difference for local children.

If you would like to apply to become one of our Governors, please contact the Clerk to Governors: Mrs Janine Brooks j.brooks@woodlea.hants.sch.uk

Woodlea Governors



Mrs Jackie Jones




Date appointed: 22 May 2019

Term: 4 years 

Chair of Governors,  Safeguarding Governor, SEND

Local Authority Governor




 Mr Lee Puttock




Date appointed: 14 Jul 2019

Term: 4 years


Co-Opted Governor




Mr Neil Butcher



Date appointed: 19 Oct 2021

Term: 4 years

Lead Curriculum Governor

Co-Opted Governor



Miss Lucy Ventham



Date appointed: 20 Nov 2019

Term: 4 years

Staff Governor




 Lead SEN Governor


Mrs Tamily Holland



Date appointed: 1 Sept 2022


Term: 4 years 

Co-Opted Governor



Mrs Linda Gouldsmith



Date appointed: 18 Oct 2021

Term: 4 years

Co-Opted Governor

Mr Russell Kirby


Date appointed: 7 Feb 2022

Term 4 years

Lead Finance Governor

Co-Opted Governor

Mr Edward Beales


Date Appointed: 9 June 2022

Term 4 years

Parent Governor

Miss Jo Mumford  

Head Teacher



Date appointed: 1 Sept 2019

Term: ongoing


Head Teacher

Mr Paul Booker


Date appointed 28 Sept 2022

Term 4 years

Associate Member

Health & Safety

 Mrs Susan Barrett  - Date appointed: 16 Jul 2018 Term: 4 years - Resigned 11/11/2020

Mrs Nita Daw - Date appointed 13 Oct 2020 Term 4 years - Resigned 31/03/2021

Mrs Karen Bevis - Date appointed: 14 Nov  2017 Term: 4 years - Resigned 11/04/2021

Mrs Pippa Probert - Date appointed: 21 Jan 2020 Term 4 years - Resigned 17/05/2021

Mrs Kathrine Wallis - Date appointed: 8 Dec 2020 Term: 4 years - Resigned 23/07/2021

Mrs Pippa Adams - Date appointed: 13 Oct 2020 Term 4 Years - Resigned 22/11/2021

Mrs Jade Wenman - Date appointed: 21 May 2019 Term 4 years - Resigned 22/03/2022

Mr Paul Booker - Date appointed: 7 Dec 2021 Term 4 years - Resigned 22/6/2022


 Clerk to Governors: Mrs Janine Brooks j.brooks@woodlea.hants.sch.uk


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 Register of Interests:
Jo Mumford - Headteacher employed by School from 1/9/2019 - ongoing

Lucy Ventham - Staff Member employed by School - ongoing


You can also find information on the Hampshire Governor Services website; http://www3.hants.gov.uk/education/governors.htm