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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Where do I take my child on the first day? enter the school through the small side gate and walk along the pathway to the pencil fence on your left. The EYS team and head teacher will be waiting there to greet you all. If  parents can stay by the gate to stay goodbye, this will make transition much easier for everyone. the class teachers will take good care of your child and get them settled into Hedgehog class.
  • Where do I pick my child up from? you collect your child from the same place you dropped them off in the mornings.
  • Where do the children go at playtime? We are extremely lucky at Woodlea because Hedgehog class have their own area of the woodland, called "The Hideaway Woods." This is a safe haven where they can explore the tyre swings, the tight rope balance, play in the mud kitchen and many more wonderful activities.
  • What does my child need to bring in each day? Your child will require their own named water bottle, which will need to be in school every day. They will also need a book bag as they will be bringing reading books home each day along with their reading record.  Your child can also bring  in a healthy snack (no sweets, chocolates , crisps or biscuits or nut related products), although there is a daily fruit and vegetable snack bowl  in the classroom which has a lovely variety of healthy snacks your child can help themselves too.
  • What does my child need for PE? all children will need black shorts, a green T-shirt and black plimsolls. This will need to be brought to school in  a PE bag (available from the school) and this can be left on their coat peg in the classroom.
  • What if my child struggles with saying goodbye to me and finds settling into school a little difficult? It is absolutely OK if your child struggles a little at the start. As a school have  got a wealth of experience when it comes to  helping children settle and transition well into life at Woodlea. We all work really closely as a team and we will do everything to ensure that your child has a smooth transition into Hedgehog class.
  • Do I need to bring in  change of clothing in case of accidents or clothes getting dirty? We have plenty of spare clothes that we can change your child into if there is a small accident or if they have got wet and muddy out in the woods. All we ask is that you return it to school clean and ready to be used again.