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Hello, I'm Mrs Puttock and have been the E.L.S.A (emotional literacy support assistant), at Woodlea Primary for 6 years. I have been a teaching assistant here for many years. For my role as an E.L.S.A, I have had special training from Educational Psychologists to support the emotional development of our children at school. E.L.S.A's help children to understand their emotions and of those around them. 

I have 1:1 sessions with children who have been referred to me. We meet either on a weekly or twice weekly basis and during our sessions, we do a range of activities. This may include: mindfulness, relaxation, social skills, friendship and many more. Above all, it is a time to be able to talk freely about their feelings and for them to feel safe and happy.

I will be constantly adding to my page with lots of useful strategies that you can try at home, wellbeing activity ideas and motivational quotes and affirmations.

These can be used by anyone at home, they are not just for children. I hope you enjoy them.




Mental Health Awareness and 5 Ways to Wellbeing

Mighty Monday

Thoughtful Tuesday

Wishes Wednesday

Thankful Thursday

Friendly Friday

Self care Saturday

Success Sunday

Strategies to try







Growth Mindset








Affirmations are positive statements and a powerful tool  that can help us to challenge and overcome our negative thoughts. When we say them over and over again, we start to believe in them and the we can start to make positive changes. By using affirmations, we can improve our wellbeing, boost our self-esteem and encourage creative thinking. Here are some you can try at home.






ELSA suggested book list 2023  

Mrs Puttock's books of the week September 2023





This week's theme is Resilience - one of our school values.   

This book is a heart warming, beautifully illustrated rhyming picture book which encourages children to believe in themselves and to be proud of who they are..